We have all seen a massage chair sometime on television or in a shopping center and have thought: “It has to be very comfortable.” But today is an article that few people have in their living room. Maybe it’s because we don’t know how beneficial they can be.

How do they work?
The massage chair is actually an armchair like those of a lifetime, but that hides a secret inside: a series of sensors under its upholstery collect information about our body (weight, posture, leg and arm length …) and a Complex motor system activates the mechanisms that vibrate, rotate or gently hit the surface on which we rest, generating that pleasant sensation of massage.

The massage chairs that are currently sold incorporate a remote control, in some cases wireless, that allows you to change massage or posture with the press of a button, without having to get up to reprogram the furniture.

They are not toys
It must be borne in mind that, no matter how pleasant the feeling that the chair produces when it is put into operation, it can never replace the action of the hands of a physical therapist. Its purpose is purely relaxing, and if we have a back problem or some type of muscle injury, we should consult with a specialist before acquiring one of these chairs.

Multiple benefits
A massage chair has a large number of benefits on our body and our health, among which are:

They fight swelling of the legs, typical of people who spend many hours standing or who have blood circulation problems.
They relieve the symptoms of diseases such as chronic pain or fibromyalgia if we apply the massage to the affected areas of the body.
They have a chiropractic effect. Many people spend most of the day sitting and making movements of low intensity but very repetitive, which causes muscle and joint discomfort, as well as stiffness. A massage chair relieves those negative effects of sedentary life.
They minimize foot pain thanks to the gentle compression massage they can practice. After ten hours standing or walking from one place to another with shoes on (more if they are high heels) will be appreciated.
They fight degenerative disc disease and stiffness in the lumbar region of the back. By relaxing and loosening the muscles in that area, tension and friction between the vertebrae is relieved. Although it is not the hand of a physiotherapist, it can be a great help.
Massage chairs that are currently sold have hundreds of functions that, when properly combined, will have various therapeutic effects. In addition, they offer massages that are simply relaxing, and will help us concentrate, rest better at night and be in a good mood.

Given the large number of sensors and operating modes of the massage chairs, they can be used by all members of a family so that everyone receives the “treatment” they need most. In addition, one, two and three seater massage chairs are sold.

If it is also combined with massage glasses, relaxation will be total. They relieve the headache, reduce dark circles and help prevent insomnia.

Sometimes we forget about the beneficial effects that health has on being relaxed. Or, put another way, we forget about the negative effects of being tense. A massage chair will help us stay relaxed, calm and, consequently, healthier and happier.